Invisalign: Enjoy the confidence of straighter teeth within months with removable, almost-invisible braces

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Do you feel unhappy about your smile?

Maybe you avoid smiling or laughing because you worry that people will notice your crooked or crowded teeth. Maybe you feel self-conscious in social situations or when you meet new people.

Many of our teeth straightening patients say they used to feel that way. But now they say their problem has been solved by Invisalign removable braces.

Some say they have never felt happier about their smile. They say they enjoyed straightening their teeth with Invisalign almost-invisible braces. They say most people did not even realise they were having treatment. They’ve found new confidence and are now happy to show off their smile in photos. They say their life has changed.

What is Invisalign?

With Invisalign, you no longer have to worry about the old-fashioned metal braces of years gone by.

At the start of treatment, we show you a 3D animation that demonstrates how Invisalign will transform your smile to give you beautiful, straight teeth. Then you start wearing plastic aligners - tailor-made for you. Every two weeks, you start wearing a new set of aligners. Each set slowly but surely moves your teeth into their final position.

They’re removable so you can take them out for things like eating, drinking and brushing your teeth.

With Invisalign almost-invisible braces from Westcombe Park Dental Practice:

It’s time to stop feeling unhappy about your smile

It’s time to start enjoying the confidence of straighter teeth

You can start enjoying your new smile within months

Most people will not realise you’re having treatment with almost-invisible braces

You can enjoy the convenience of removing them for things like eating, drinking and brushing your teeth

You could enjoy affordable interest-free monthly payments (subject to acceptance and terms & conditions)

We’ll give you appointment times to fit in with your lifestyle (we’re open Monday to Thursday from 8am-8pm, Friday from 8am-5pm, Saturday and Sunday from 9am-2pm - and we’re next to Westcombe Park Train Station and an 8-minute bus journey from North Greenwich Tube Station)

Prices start from £47.80 a month (or a one-off payment of at least £1,500).

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